Bikes and Fishing: Porque No Los Dos?

Adobe Illustrator

As part of a weekly course assignment, we were prompted to create a data story to back a business plan or idea.  Thus hatched Troutpost Richmond, a sister shop to the very-real--Outpost Richmond--that in addition to basic bicycle service and gear would supply fishing equipment and classes for the adventurous in “River City” Richmond, Virginia. The business plan includes a geographic analysis of current outdoor shops in Richmond, an assessment of the Virginia fishing community, and a map of local fishing spots along the James Rive Park System. 

Outpost Richmond is a real business while TroutPost Richmond is an imaginative company based on the local favorite. OutPost logo belongs to Outpost Richmond.


‘You speak to me with words and I look at you with feelings.’
Marianne Renoir in Godard’s Pierrot Le Fou


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